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Top 3 Tips to Improve Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

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Learning how to drive digital platforms to your advantage is essential to establish a place among your competitors. Use these 3 TIPS to boost audience engagement in your social media platforms and grow your brand awareness!

Social media is a potent marketing tool that can improve your sales, through which you can establish a brand identity. Let us understand it by using an example 'Popflex by Blogilates', owned and run by Cassey Ho, who initially used to upload pilates tutorials and other blogs on her YouTube channel. In 2016, she launched a fashion brand as an answer to the problems faced by many of her viewers as well as herself. Popflex sells customer-friendly crop tops, jumpsuits, leggings, and many other original designs. She used social media to her utmost advantage, causing her creations to get widespread attention. She started posting content consistently on her Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and other social networking platforms. A business which started as a micro-scale clothing brand achieved a sales target of $15 Million last year (2023). It is evident that the ** involvement of social media** combined with her unique product strategy is what influenced the success of her business.

Social media has opened so many doors for me which may never have happened in the traditional entertainment world because of my ethnicity and the way I look. So I owe a lot to social media and YOU GUYS for letting the public speak for itself.

-Cassey in her blog

Cassey Ho

She was also able to capture the attention of her audience and set herself a space in this largely competitive industry through social media marketing.

Similarly, you can also bring about development and growth in your firm/ proprietorship by creating and curating content to elevate your marketing strategy. Here are some tips and tricks to effectively strategise your digital media visibility.


Consistency is the key to having a thriving social media account- posting under a daily schedule makes your audience aware of your existence as a business. You can stay consistent through various features like Posts, Reels, Stories, Live, DMs, Comments, ADs, etc. Sometimes, you may feel too exhausted to do something creative for your social media, even then it might be necessary to post something to not lose your consistency. One should also acknowledge that it will take sufficient time to gain views and followers on a digital media platform. No one should give up on social media just because it takes time to establish your brand on social media. In this blog, we will also get to know how to create social media content in a short time.


Regular communication and interaction with your audience create more engagement in your profile. This will help you gain viewership and more people will get to know your brand! One should make sure to respond to Direct Messages and Comments and make your viewers feel included in your venture. You should also take suggestions and feedback from your audience seriously so they feel connected to your brand for the long term.


It is crucial to plan your content creation strategy before executing it. It usually depends upon many factors like, What type of products you sell, who your target customers are, etc. Conducting a study on the online media consumption pattern of your target customers can help you understand how to plan an effective content strategy.

What type of content can you post online?

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or TikTok allow you to post photos, videos or write-ups through features like Posts, Stories/ Status, Reels, etc. A business can utilise these features to present its area of business creatively.

Here are a few examples of some content ideas for businesses:

  • Product/service Give-away Reel (with conditions)
  • Introducing a new product/service to your audience
  • Product/service reviews from customers
  • Hacks and tips for using your product
  • Special days post/ story

NOTE: A brand owner must never miss out on special days like Christmas, Holi, Independence Day, etc. These special days provide an opportunity to advertise your content under the tag of a special occasion. It helps the brands to establish a space in the vision of their potential customers.

AI Tools to help increase efficiency in posting:

If there are TWO things that almost all business owners face, it would be Lack of Funds AND Scarcity of time. We’ve all been told that without these two resources, it might seem impossible to create content consistently.

However, not anymore. Yes, You did hear that right!!

Due to the ever-dynamic technological environment, Generative AI has become a common source among many businessmen to design content for their social media. Not only does it save a huge amount of time, but also creates professional designs which match the standards of manually designed ones.

There are many apps/ websites which allow you to create AI-generated posters and other designs. Among them, Wizad AI stands out as it is cost-effective and provides multiple features that cater to the needs of the users:

WIZAD AI- To Create Professional Designs in a snap:

Wizad AI is a mobile application available on the Play Store or App Store, used by over Ten Thousand business owners to create content to promote their brand on social media. It offers various AI tools like ‘Topic to Poster’, ‘Daily Story’, ‘Special Days posters’, ‘Product Photography poster’ and more.

For example, Using 'topic to poster' you can just type in a topic phrase or idea and it will generate three (or more if you choose to) posters in less than sixty seconds.

Topic to PosterSpecial Days

As mentioned earlier, Special days are very important to a business owner and Wizad makes sure that you won’t miss out on any! Any ongoing/ upcoming special days will be displayed at the top (as shown in the image). You can generate any particular special day’s poster in a single click.

With Wizad, now it is also easy to create ‘daily stories’ that you can set as your story/status. You’ll be able to generate story content which is valid for 24 hours. Engaging your audience with daily stories/statuses boosts viewership in your account.


  • Unlike many other applications or softwares, Wizad keeps your brand identity intact. You can generate designs that align with the style, theme and personality of your brand.
  • Wizad is cost-effective compared to many of its competitors.
  • Although AI-generated, the designs are of high quality and look professional.
  • Increase consistency in posting content as it is easy to create them through wizad.
  • It is quick and easy to use, thereby saving a lot of your time.

There are also various other features in this AI Poster maker, which might be useful for business owners to invest in their social media marketing. Click here for a detailed guide to using the Wizad App. An independent business owner can utilise these features of the Wizad app to grow their digital presence and as a result, reach a wider audience.

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