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Design Custom Posters in Seconds For Business Owners

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With the rise of new industries and businesses, small-scale business owners now have to compete with big brands in their industry. For example, the evolution of top-notch cosmetic brands like Maybelline or Dior has led to people opting for their products instead of their many other competitors’ products. This has everything to do with how well they advertise and market their products. Let’s say, every other business in the fashion sector wants to build a promotion strategy as effective as Zara, Calvin Klein, or any other big brands. Every food industry businesses want to market their products like how KFC or Pizza Hut does. The question is how?

Social media marketing has come a long way throughout this decade. Did you know that more than 43% of consumers find products through social media? The involvement of technology in the marketing field has brought about a significant rise in using generative AI to create marketable content, which is extremely cost-effective and cheaper than traditional marketing strategies. Through this Artificial Intelligence technology, you can design and promote posters & adverts which serve as a medium to capture the attention of your potential customers.

Used by more than ten thousand business owners, Wizad AI is a handy application for creating and generating advertisable posters. Unique designs are curated at your ease, using AI. You can share these posters online through your social media handles and thereby reach a wider audience. The services offered by Wizad are a budget-friendly marketing investment.

Here are some of the many reasons why you should also check the Wizad app out if you're a brand owner:

  • No Need To Outsource Designers- You need not waste your valuable time & money trying to find a designer who can create content for you to post. Wizad gives you the same or even better quality designs at a faster pace and lower price. You can utilise these resources to improve many other areas of your business, making no room for opportunity costs.

  • Pocket Friendly- It is less expensive as compared to other alternatives. Especially for small-scale business owners, who can't afford to spend a huge amount on marketing their products or services, Wizad is just the right choice.

  • Aesthetics- You need not compromise on the aesthetics of your brand. Wizad helps you create appealing and distinctive designs that can capture the attention of your probable customers.

  • Brand Identity- You can create designs while keeping your brand identity intact. A brand’s identity is heavily dependent on the font or typography, logo colour palette and other imageries used in their design. If you’ve noticed the designs curated by many established brands, you can see the distinguished idea, identity and vision of that particular brand is visible in their design. Wizad helps you do just that!

  • One-Time Profile Setting- If you set your profile according to the requirements of your brand once, you can always create industry-specific content.

Now, let us explore the newly updated ‘topic to poster’ feature in the Wizad application, and how it is useful to business owners from various sectors:

Initially, you have to set your profile by typing in the name of your business entity and uploading the logo. Then, choose an industry on which your business is based, and give relevant details on how to contact/ reach you. Now, choose a brand style that engulfs your brand’s personality. Next, you can choose the ‘topic to poster’ icon and type in a particular idea or topic phrase. Within less than 30 seconds, multiple posters will be generated according to your requirements. These posters align with the theme of your brand and encapsulate your brand identity. The colour palette, fonts, style and other modalities are inspired by the details you provided.

Let us assume that you are the owner of a pizza outlet. Here is how you can create a poster using Wizad AI’s ‘topic to poster’ feature to let your customers know about an upcoming combo meal offer:

Step 1: You should create an account if you haven’t already.
Step 2: Set up your profile by giving the details of your business:

  • Name of the business entity (example: Pizza Hut).
  • Upload the logo of your business.
  • Give a short and precise ‘about’ (Serving high quality, great tasting and affordable food).
  • Choose your industry ( Restaurant- Pizza Outlet).
  • Give other relevant details.
  • Choose a style and cross-check your brand colours.

Step 3: Select the ‘topic to poster’ feature and type in a topic phrase- ‘Pizza, Garlic bread, Cool drinks meal combo offer’.
Step 4: Click Create & wait for a few seconds and so multiple offer posters will be generated.
Step 5: Choose the one you find the most appropriate and save it directly. There is also an edit option for you to make any changes if you want.\

Illustrations are given below: Pizza Hut Profile

These are some posters created from the details given above: Pizza

See how quick & easy it is to create poster designs for your social media

Another example: let us assume that you are the owner of a cosmetics brand. You want to design a poster to introduce a new lipstick shade, into the market. This is how you do it:

Step 1: Set up your profile by giving the details of your business:

  • Name of the brand (example: Rare Beauty).
  • Upload your logo and remove the background.
  • Give a short and precise ‘about’ (This is makeup made to feel good in, without hiding what makes you unique).
  • Choose your industry ( Cosmetics- beauty product).
  • Now, give other relevant details.
  • Choose a style and cross-check your brand colours.

Step 3: Select the ‘topic to poster’ feature and type in a topic phrase- ‘New lipstick launch- cherry wine shade’.
Step 4: Click Create & wait for a few seconds and then, multiple launch posters will be generated.
Step 5: Choose the one you find more apt and save it directly or edit if you want to make more changes.

Illustrations are given below: Rare Beauty Profile

Now, you have a poster designed for your requirement in such a short period: Lipstick

You can post these and make aware of your customers and potential customers about your new product!

Business owners from different sectors like restaurants, education, construction & decor, jewellery & cosmetics, have used the Wizad application to create posters to market their products/ services. Particularly for businesses prone to frequent changes in their product, promotion, place or price mixes, Wizad can be of great use to generate posters conveying the same to their customers on short notice. As mentioned earlier, small and micro-scale business owners like you can also be strong competitors to big brands by using Wizad AI to enhance your marketing strategy. For your business to succeed, you must invest your interest in the right direction. That is what Wizad AI has to offer you- an AI poster maker that can create content for your social media, which can make marketing your products and service simpler and more efficient.

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