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Best Alternative for Canva to generate posters online

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We acknowledge your struggle with using Canva to create designs, and we are here to help you solve this problem!! Sure, Canva can be a lifesaver when it comes to making Resumes, Collages, or other visual documents. But, as you and I have experienced,

Making customised poster or story content for your business without compromising on your brand identity, can be a tough job with Canva.

Not having enough time and money to spend on professional softwares or designers is a problem faced by almost all micro-to-small scale business owners and solopreneurs. However, with the rise of advanced technologies like Generative AI, there are many tools which let you create these marketable designs within seconds. Wizad AI is one of the best among them. Here is a comparison study to see if you should switch to Wizad for better results

  • WASTING TIME TRYING TO FIND THE APPROPRIATE TEMPLATE: The layout and template of a design play a significant role in attracting the attention of your potential customers. It is an absolute struggle to sit and scroll through templates.
  • LIMITED CUSTOMIZATION AND EDITING OPTIONS: Even if you get a good template, you might have to do major editing to complement your brand identity.
  • OVERUSE OF TEMPLATES: The same templates are used repeatedly, taking out the uniqueness in your designs.
  • HARD TO MAINTAIN BRAND CONSISTENCY: Brand consistency ensures the development of goodwill and reputation of your brand. As there is little to no control over Canva’s features, it might seem challenging to present your brand to your audience.
  • LACKS ORIGINALITY: The designs are generic and similar to each other. Since a single template is used multiple times, it tends to become monotonous and lacks freshness and originality.
  • COMPLICATED TO USE: The interface is not always user-friendly and most features can be easy to use for professional designers only.
  • PERFORMANCE ISSUES: Many users have been reported to face performance issues and lagging while running the app, especially when used on mobile phones.
  • TIME CONSUMING: It takes a lot of time and effort to create designs on canva. The result might not always be worth the sweat and blood.

UNIQUE & ORIGINAL DESIGNS:\ Since the designs are generated by AI, each design will be unique and distinctive.

SHOWCASE BRAND ATTITUDE THROUGH POSTERS:\ Initially, you’ll be asked to select a brand style. This will help you generate brand-specific designs that can help you build brand attitude and create brand awareness among your audience.

HEIGHTENED USER EXPERIENCE:\ The application has a simple interface which is easy to understand and use for business owners.\ Here is a comprehensive guide to using the Wizad AI app: GUIDE

PROFESSIONAL QUALITY:\ The generated designs are of premium standards and the content quality is exceptional. It can boost your social media reach and content engagement.

TIME SAVER:\ You can save a lot of time using this application. Most business owners do not have the time and energy to utilise designing posters through a complex app. Wizad allows you to generate posters/stories in under sixty seconds.

CONVENIENT FEATURES:\ Many features like ‘Topic To Poster’, ‘Daily Story’, ‘Product Photography Poster’, ‘Daily Fact’, ‘Product Poster’, ‘Product Photography’, etc.. are useful to brand owners to create specific designs for their suitable for their social media.

ADVANCED CUSTOMIZATION:\ Not only you can use AI tools to generate brand-specific content, but also edit it according to your needs.

MULTIPLE DESIGNS:\ You can create multiple designs in under 5 minutes.

AI Tools
Time Saving
Dedicated Customer Support
Multiple Design Options
Brand Consistency
Unique Templates

Wizad AI is a suitable substitute for Canva to create advertisable posters online. It can be used by Independent business owners to design brand-specific content and improve their social media engagement.

If you’re still confused about switching to Wizad, just head on to Play Store or App Store and install the app. You can create 15 posters initially and subscribe to our basic or premium version; wherein you can generate an unlimited number of posters without the risk of losing your brand identity.

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